The Craziest Technology Breakthroughs This year!

By some estimates, there are more than 30 technologies that have changed the way we live our lives in the last ten years, and technology breakthroughs like the Internet, mobile phones, digital cameras, and global positioning systems are only a part of what’s happening to us every day. Here are some other technologies you may not be familiar with that are also changing the way we live and work:

* Personal Assistants: We are all using personal assistants these days, whether we realize it or not. Your best friend probably has a personal assistant, your mom may have several, your kids will probably have several as well. But do you realize just how much power they have over you?

* Big Data Analytics: Big data is the new analytics for a better world. It allows companies to analyze and interpret billions of different pieces of information that they collect from computers, social media, GPS, cell phones, TV and radio broadcasts, e-mail, financial data, etc.

* Computer Vision Software: The computers that you use to surf the web and email have sophisticated software that lets them see. This software is what computer vision is. This technology allows us to see photos, videos, and other content that we might not be able to otherwise.

* Big Data Visualization: All of these technologies are examples of big data. The software, hardware, and services that we use everyday to get our work done have all been transformed by the latest advances in these three technologies.

* Medical Devices: These devices are working together in a way that was never before imagined. It is now possible to use these devices to monitor patients and give medical advice and suggestions to doctors through their analysis of the data collected from the device.

* Artificial Intelligence: The idea of having an artificially intelligent computer in your pocket is not far off. It is already happening in labs around the world, and it could very well happen on a larger scale within the next ten years. Technology breakthroughs like those discussed above, and others that have taken place are fueling the next generation of robotic technology.

* Machine Learning: Some call this next generation of technological innovations “Robotics”. There are currently a number of different types of advanced software and robots out there today. Some of these are trying to accomplish tasks that humans cannot.

* Artificial Intelligent Robots: The human brain is the most complex machine on earth. It can remember millions of things, perform a million different functions, and carry out a million different functions in a day. The same cannot be said for the many billions of micro-electronics that make up our brains.

* Medical Devices: Medical devices can perform any number of tasks. We now have heart pacemakers, and kidney dialysis devices, and other devices that need to continuously monitor the health of their users.

* Data Mining: Machine learning allows us to look at vast amounts of data and glean meaning from them. This is the newest trend in the world of technology.

Remember, technological innovations that bring about change do not come without friction. They often start small and then find their way into the mainstream.